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The history of YouTube begins in 2005, as three friends came up with the idea of unique dating site in the web. The major defining trait was that people had to upload videos rather than photos, as it resulted in receiving more data about users.

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Meaning and history

YouTube logo evolution history
The YouTube name and logo appeared with Hurley, a well-known Silicon Valley businessman, author of the original PayPal icon, and graphic designer who earned a visual arts degree. He served as YouTube’s chief executive, but took full responsibility for the brand’s image. And at some point, he simply pitted his friends against the fact – this is the emblem of a new web service. The decision was made unanimously and was not discussed.

The artist, who painted the famous icon, admitted that his main inspiration is Walt Disney. Perhaps that’s why Hurley was able to convey the meaning of the YouTube icon in an interesting way. After all, “Tube” is nothing more than the slang name for CRT televisions with vacuum tubes. And the large red rectangle on which this word is written represents the screen of such an electron beam illuminated device.

However, the design of the brightest element often changed. In 2005, the volume gradient was emphasized. In 2011, a rounded rectangle became burgundy and smooth, although the three-dimensional effect was retained. In 2013, the color changed to red. There were no other updates in terms of visual brand identification: YouTube adhered to the classic style, which was part of its marketing strategy.


YouTube logo 2005-2011, oldest logo of youtube


YouTube logo 2011-2013


YouTube logo 2013-2015


YouTube logo 2015-2017

2017 – Present

2200px YouTube logo

From the very beginning, the YouTube team has stuck to a minimalist concept concerning the company’s identity. The YouTube logo has not changed much over the service’s history. Largely, it is the minimalist approach that has helped YouTube to evolve so rapidly. In fact, the YouTube logo is just another example of how well simplicity works in promoting projects. Although the logo has been much the same throughout its history, some minor modifications did take place.


1600px Fonts YouTube logo

The YouTube logo uses a distinctive and recognizable Hevletica font, which was widely used in TV shows in the 1950s.


YouTube logo color
YouTube color scheme

The designers wanted to connect the logo to the video, so they stopped in the shade # FF0000, which comes in RGB. The inverted triangle inside the button is white. Regarding the color of the inscription, there are two options: white (#FFFFFF) or black (# 282828). The first is used on a dark background and the second on a light background.

How Did YouTube Start?