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What is tableau?

Tableau has created software that is used for data science and business intelligence. Tableau can create an ample range of visualization to interactively present the data and showcase insights. It comes with tools that allow to drilldown data and see the impact in a visual format that can be easily understood by any individual. Tableau also comes with real-time data analytics capacity and cloud support. Here we discuss the various versions of tableau, it benefits and implementation. We will see how tableau is various from ms excel and other spreadsheet tools.

Who are eligible to learn tableau?

  1. Experts from Data Visual Analysts background.
  2. Professionals from Testing field
  3. Business Intelligence Professionals
  4. Data Scientists
  5. Project Managers
  6. Reasons why tableau?

1. Data visualization:

The tableau is a data visualization tool first and prime. Therefore, its technology is there to support complex computing, data blending and dash boarding for the purpose of creating beautiful visualizations that deliver insights that cannot easily be derived from staring at a spreadsheet. It has climbed to the top of the data visualization, full because of its dedication to this purpose

2. Quickly create interactive visualizations:

Using drag-and-drop functions of Tableau, user can create a very interactive visuals within minutes. The interface can handle endless differences while also limiting you from creating charts that are against data visualization best practices.

3. Egregious user-experience using Tableau:

There are ,any different types of visualization options available in tableau which egregious the user experience .Also, Tableau is very easy to learn , anyone without having any knowledge of coding can easily learn Tableau.

4. Tableau can manage large amounts of data:

Tableau can manage millions of rows of data with ease. Different types of visualization can be created by the large amount of data without having another the performance of the dashboards. Also, there is an option in Tableau where user can make live two connections to different data sources like SQL etc.

5. Use of other scripting language in Tableau:

To avoid the performance issues and to do complex table calculations in the tableau, users can include Python or R. Using Python script can take the load of the software by performing tasks in packages.

Tableau logo
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Tableau logo
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