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Established in 1899. Sprint Corporation, commonly referred to as Sprint, is an American telecommunications holding company that provides wireless services and is a major global Internet carrier. It is the fourth largest wireless network operator in the United States.

Meaning and history

sprint logo evolution
The defunct telecommunications company has a rich history that began with a telegraph cable running along the railroad tracks. The word “Sprint” is derived from the first letters of the system’s name: Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Networking Telecommunications.

Several decades later, the firm began providing long distance telephone services and in 1992 it became a monopoly in the field of wireless communications in the United States. In the future, she became famous thanks to her high-profile ad campaign and well-thought-out identity.

Until 1991, Sprint existed under different names and each time had a new logo. The surname, Sprint Corporation, appeared in 2012, when SoftBank holding bought 80% of its shares. Until then, the company was known as Sprint Nextel Corporation. It received this name in 2005 after a failed merger with Nextel Communications. At the same time, the logo, which contains a black inscription and five yellow wing-shaped stripes, was adopted.

1972 – 1987

sprint logo 1972 - 1987

1986 – 1991

sprint logo 1986 - 1991

1991 – 2005

sprint logo 1991 - 2005

2005 – Present

Sprint logo
This is a logo for Sprint Nextel.

Symbol font and color

sprint logo color
While the telecommunications company is long gone and gave way to T-Mobile, its former customers still remember the combined brand adopted in 2005. The elegant word “Sprint” and the gently curving abstraction demonstrated the ease with which the company it provided wired and wireless services. millions of consumers.

The drawing had no special semantic load. Its main task was to build public trust at the level of positive associations. Therefore, the five pointed stripes looked like feathers on a wing, symbolizing freedom, sublimity and the absence of limits. The logo was used as a sign at branch entrances and adorned employee uniforms to emphasize corporate identity.

After T-Mobile US incorporated and abolished the Sprint brand, its emblem also ceased to exist. But it went down in history as a reminder of the telecommunications company’s past and served as a clear example of a successful identity.

To make the name expressive, the designers used The Sans Semi Bold font. This type of lettering was invented by the Dutch typographer Lucas de Groot. As for the colors, the emblem is uniform: the palette includes black and yellow (# FFDD05). The selected shade combination became part of Sprint’s identity in 2005 when it merged with Nextel Communications.