Shopify is both a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario and the name of its computer software platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems.

Traded as NYSE: SHOP / TSX: SHOP.

Meaning and history

It all started with the desire to sell them snowboards and equipment. To do this, the friends founded their own Snowdevil store. And then they decided to involve the internet in the process, but they couldn’t find a convenient place to trade. As a result, Tobias Lütke, a programmer by trade, developed an Internet site from scratch. He used one of the open source software and launched the project in two months. Then in 2006, friends launched a service called Shopify. The work on it is organized so that store owners can manage them even from mobile devices.

Then the trading platform took off. By participating in serious business competition, developers began to receive capital funds and grants from top business figures. The progress was so powerful and rapid that in 2010 the Ottawa Business Journal named Shopify the fastest growing company in the region.

Shopify consolidated with Amazon and began expanding across the globe. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the web service has received another expansion push, as isolation has forced entrepreneurs around the world to connect and drive sales online. In this sense, the commercial platform has begun to expand its staff and implement software support for everyone who wants to open a business on the Web.

The Shopify logo appeared immediately at the site’s launch, after friends opened their own store selling snowboard gear online. This happened two years later, in 2006.

Since all developers’ attention was focused on the engine and convenience for sellers and buyers, the logo was not given much importance. For the creators, it was more important to have it to designate the site. Based on this, the logo had to be as thematic as possible, so that the address of the web resource was immediately clear and simple so as not to overload the site with unnecessary details, ensuring easy loading.

The logo contains an image of a shopping bag, located on a white background. The text part consists of a single letter. The bag is very large, which shows the capabilities of the trading platform. It’s flipped in half, so it doesn’t look flat. The front is light, with a large ‘S’, the first character of the word ‘Shopify’, which replaces the long name. The side area is a bit darker. There are also two narrow semi-circular handles. Next to the bag is the expanded name of the network.

Symbol font and color

The company chose a font from the Sans Serif category for its logo text. It looks as close to the Helvetica Neue font as possible, with only one difference: instead of a square above the “i”, a neat round dot is used.

Despite the minimalism of the logo, its palette includes four colors: black (# 000000), white (#FFFFF) and two shades of green – Android Green (# 95BF47), Palm Leaf (# 64943E).