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Movistar is a large telecommunications company, which has been part of the multinational Telefonica enterprise since 1995. It provides pay-TV services, supports mobile and Internet connection. It is oriented to Spain and Latin American countries.

Meaning and history

movistar logo evolution
The prototype of the famous graphic sign Movistar appeared in 2004. Before that, simple emblems were used that did not leave a notable mark on the history of the brand.

1995 – 1999

MoviStar logo 1995-1999
The telecommunications company was originally called MoviStar. It is this capitalized spelling “M” and “S” reflected in their debut logo. The designers got past both parts of the word in an interesting way, making the first half (Movi) teal and the second half (Star) yellow-orange. And to give the image dynamism, they used a small five-pointed star instead of a dot on the “i”. The font of the inscription is in italics without sans-serif.

On the left, the developers placed the letter “T”, which consists of 12 points of different diameters. It is surrounded by an oblique oval line. This is a tribute to the Spanish company Telefónica, owner of Movistar.

1999 – 2000

MoviStar logo 1999-2000
In 1998, designers simplified the logo, removing the slim “T”. This decision allowed to increase the word “MoviStar” and focus on it. Other details remained unchanged.

2000 – 2004

MoviStar logo 2000-2004
At the beginning of the millennium, the brand began to be called Telefónica MoviStar. This was reflected in their logo, which is completely different from the previous two versions. The inscription “Telefónica” is located at the top and is underlined by an elegant yellow-green line. The font mimics handwritten text. Below the line is the word “MoviStar” in white. The star marked on “i” has given way to a regular point. The general background is a dark blue rectangle.

2004 – 2010

MoviStar logo 2004-2010
In 2004, the company was renamed Movistar. Right after the name change, he did a massive redesign. It was then that a recognizable figure appeared in the form of the letter “M”, which became a cult element of the brand’s visual identity. It looks like a bumpy greenish-yellow wave. Because shadows and glare create a 3D effect, the figure looks like plastic. The source of the inscription has also changed. The characters in the word “Movistar” are rounded and lowercase, although “t” looks like a capital letter.

2010 – 2017

MoviStar logo 2010-2017
In 2010, the creators simplified the design, but retained the previous concept. The light spots disappeared, and with them some dark spots. Now the M-shaped graphic sign no longer looks as “slippery” as before. Despite this, the volume remained, which is what the artists were looking for.

2017 – Present

4500px MoviStar logo

In 2017, the international brand agency Lambie-Nairn developed a new visual style. Specialists have adapted the logo to the digital world to position Movistar as a vibrant and modern company. They redrawn the letter “M” and made it flat, eliminating the characteristic 3D effect. And they changed the color palette, completely abandoning the gradient green.

The emblem is now light blue. According to creative director Tim Simmons, the chosen tone expresses more emotions. The shape of the M-shaped figure remained the same. The word Movistar has not changed either. But in this case, it plays a secondary role, because the main focus is on “M”.

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