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What is Matomo?

Matomo is an open-source and free web and mobile analytics platform, formerly known as Piwik. It is a self-hosted and open-source alternative to the Google Analytics, providing nearly similar features. Being a self-hosted application, it provides full ownership of the analytical data to the users.

It is capable of providing a comprehensive report of your website and the visitors, including search engine keywords, referrer, visitor country and language, device and browser used, searches within the site, liked pages, time spent on pages, and conversions. There is no data or user limit on a self-hosted Matomo instance. Setting up tracking on a website is very easy, you just need to add a JavaScript code on every page you want to track. Matomo also has plugins to easily set up the tracking for nearly all popular CMS, blogs or e-commerce platforms. Matomo is a very popular application and more than a million websites are currently using Matomo to get their analytics.
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