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LG is a South Korean conglomerate that works in the fields of electronics, petrochemicals and mechanical engineering. It emerged in 1947 after the merger of the Goldstar and Lucky brands. A few years later, the abbreviation “LG” was formed from the first letters of their names. And she, in turn, served as the basis for the famous slogan “Life is good.”

Meaning and history

lg logo evolution
lg logo evolution

The modern logo of the financial and industrial group looks futuristic, although its prototype appeared much earlier, in 1995. Since then, not much has changed: the designers worked with a palette of additional colors and details, leaving the main symbol in its original form.

1947 – 1958

LG’s predecessor was Lak Hui Chemical Industries, which produced household chemicals, toothpastes, and facial cosmetics. Her debut cream was decorated with a black and white emblem with a portrait of a girl and the inscription “LUCKY CREAM”.


In 1958, the main company has a GoldStar subsidiary. Under the new brand, technology and electronics were produced. The brand name was concise: a small red square with a white circle, the abbreviation “GS” and five rays diverging upwards. On the left, the designers placed the word “GoldStar”, choosing an unusual sans-serif font for it.

1995 – 2014

LG logo 1995-2014
In 1995, the head of the company combined the brands and gave them a new name: LG. The authors of the emblem presented these letters in the form of a concise monogram. The little “L” is shown inside the big “G”. And together they are in the center of the red circle.

2008 – 2014

LG logo 2008-2014, lg 3d logo
A small redesign took place in 2005. The developers added the separate abbreviation “LG” to the gray logo. Another change occurred in 2011, when a three-dimensional version of the symbol appeared with shadows and reflections.

2014 – Present

The royal emblem exists in two versions: 2D and 3D. They are equal in rights, although the first is used more frequently as a corporate identification and sign, and the second as a registered trademark, that is, it is used for advertising and is found on the product’s packaging. The 3D image, as conceived by the authors, should attract attention, as it is a means of visual impact on consumers. Preserves the legacy of the two-dimensional logo and positions LG from a new perspective.

lg electronics logo 1600x896
lg electronics logo

Symbol font and color

lg logo colors
lg color scheme

A large red circle denotes a globe that reflects the global and technology brand. The remaining elements are also symbolic: “G” is a smile, “L” with a dot is a nose and an eye. A friendly person emphasizes accessibility and friendliness, conveys the company’s desire to establish a long-term relationship with customers, to please them with quality products. The fact that the eye is only one is also important. It speaks of determination and loyalty to your ideals.

The emblem authors used the Helvetica Black font. In 2014, the “G” lost its familiar notch and took on a more rigorous look. In addition, the letters have become thinner and the inscription «LG» has increased slightly and now correlates in size with the famous round badge.

The logo color palette consists of LG Red and LG Gray. The main one is a dark red shade, which symbolizes the goodwill of the company. Dark gray is used as an extra one, so that the abbreviation does not stand out in the background of the circle and balances its brightness.