Bureau Veritas Logo History

Bureau Veritas S.A. is a global company in testing, inspection and certification services. Formed in June 1828 in Antwerp by underwriters Alexandre Delehaye and Louis van den Broek, and insurance broker, Auguste Morel. The Bureau Veritas name was adopted in 1829. This included the adoption of the figure of truth logo designed by Achille Deveria.

The Bureau Veritas logo has almost never changed since its origin. It has many symbols each with a specific meaning.

The date 1828: the symbol of long-lasting of Bureau Veritas as it corresponds to its foundation
The ship: the marine activities gave birth to Bureau Veritas at the beginning of the 19th century
The seal: the endorsement, is the symbol of the activity accomplished by the group
The torch: the knowledge, expertise, and know-how of the group
The rooster: represents watchfulness, meaning the constant attention paid in the daily tasks of the employees hired by Bureau Veritas
The mirror: reflects the impartiality that guides every act of the employees
The scale: justice that alights the way of acting of the group
The globe: the worldwide activity of Bureau Veritas
The caduceus: the symbol that Bureau Veritas is a company with a business ambition
The silhouette (sometimes also called “the lady”): shows both the human aspect of the people that constitute Bureau Veritas and the truth the group is aiming to reach

Bureau Veritas logo.png
This is a logo for Bureau Veritas