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BTS is short for the name of the Korean boy mega-band formerly known as “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” and since 2017, after being renamed, it has been called “Beyond the Scene”. BTS is amazingly popular with young people; in 2018, they were given the Time Man of the Year title, ahead of the American cult band Planet Earth and divers who rescued children from a flooded cave in Taiwan.

Meaning and history

bts logo evolution
bts logo evolution

Big Bul Entertainment created “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” on 06/13/2013 as an analogue to the girl group “Girls‘ Generation “, which at the time was at the peak of popularity in Asia and had already conquered Europe and the United States.

Through open selection, 7 handsome young men who know how to dance and sing were recruited into the men’s group. Initially, BTS wanted to call it “Big Kidz” or “Young Nation,” but after creating a team, the producers suddenly came up with the name “Boy Scouts Bulletproof,” which surprised the participants.

Initially, they were even against this name, but when the boys explained the main chip of their boy band, the idea was accepted. But the point is that the boys focused on the theme of the army, so they came out in their first performance in bulletproof vests, which became their trademark, reflected in the first logo.

BST members: RM (group leader), Chia, Shugi, J-Hope, Jimina, Wi and Jongkook.

2013 – 2016

BTS Logotipo- 2013 2017
The original design was pretty cluttered. You could see a bulletproof vest with plenty of useful details and the lettering “BTS” on the chest. There was also a lightning bolt on each side.


2016 bts logo
The emblem, which looked completely different from its predecessor, featured four circles, each with a different pattern. The word “Wings” in black could be seen above.


bts logo 2017 blue
The four circles with patterns were replaced by four empty ellipses with blue trim. One side of each ellipse overlapped with the other ellipses.


In 2018, after renaming, the group received the title of “Artist of the Year” at the prestigious Mnet Asian Music Awards for the studio album Wings. On the American album chart, Billboard 200 BTS achieved a unique result for Asian artists, ranking seventh. The two singles “MIC Drop” and “DNA” were the first (and so far the only) in Korea to earn RIAA Gold certification.

The BTS logo has changed only once, but both options are very symbolic and memorable. The main value of the brand and its creativity are the associations of the past, present and future.

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Fonts bts logo 1920x1080

From the first glance, the typeface featured in the BTS logo is a traditional sans serif one without any unique features. If you take a closer look, though, you may notice the slashed ends on the “T” as well as the soft lines of the “B” and “S.” On the whole, the font used in the new logo isn’t as brutal as the previous one.


bts logo color scheme

The designers went for a simple black for the emblem, communicating sophistication through simplicity. The lettering for the names ARMY and BTS is in silver, which adds a touch of gloss.

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